Bond is Back, But Is Not Any Better


James Bond has returned, for the 24th edition of this famous film series. The latest Bond film Spectre has generated slews of reviews that are mixed at best, as the movie has failed to impress most critics with one calling it the “worst 007 film of the past 30 years.”

The critic said that everything in the movie that Bond pulls off was done better in previous Bond films.

Not all was bad however. One critic called the movie a solid action spectacle with a modern Bond.

If what you are looking for, he added, is a high-quality action film with a brain, you will be pleased that Spectre has delivered the goods while allowing its characters to express their ideas about the violent world in which they live.

Regardless of these reviews, the movie, which generated more than $5.25 million at the box office on its opening night across the U.S., will likely be a good performer at the box office, but not as good as Skyfall was, which took in over $1.1 billion overseas.

The big question now is who will be the next Bond. Daniel Craig, who has now portrayed Bond in four films, recently expressed his interest in quitting the role, so it appears the face of Bond could be changing for the next edition.

Aficionados of the Bond series have started to offer their opinions on who could be the next Bond actor. A short list included a pair of actresses and a number of actors who are African American.

Regardless of who might replace Craig, the current film does not build an emotional foundation, as did the Casino Royale or Skyfall. It also failed to show enough of an emotional journey for Bond.

The movie in the eyes of many critics followed too much along the same path as previous Bond movies out of what they called loyalty and reverence to the old formula of Bond films, which in this case hurt more than it helped.