Brazil Reveals Declaration of a Health Emergency as Babies are Born With Birth Defect

The health officials in Brazil have advised the women not to get pregnant due a rise in the birth defects of newborns in the country. Approximately 2,400 babies were born with extremely small heads due to a condition known as microcephaly. It is a condition which causes immense brain damage, causing the death of 29 babies so far.

This cases of babies suffering from this condition is surprisingly 10 times more than the number of rate which Brazil faces every year. The US CDC (United States Center for Disease Control) states on its website that there can be many causes through which a newborn could be suffering from microcephaly. The World Health Organization or WHO mentions that that it still cannot be declared if Brazil is facing an outbreak of the disease or not, since the numbers are still pretty low, even if marginally more than the ones in previous years.

CDC explains that they currently are investigating the link that exists between the condition and a virus known as the Zika Virus. So far in Brazil, there is a roughly 50-50 ratio of the babies that have tested positive for the Zika Virus and the ones that have been found to be negative. They also add that the first time when Brazil noticed a baby with the disease was in May 2015. Since then, it has been spreading to many parts of Latin America and other Brazilian states.

The CDC has a webpage with information on Zika. It says that because the “mosquitoes that spread Zika virus are found throughout the world, it is likely that outbreaks will spread to new countries.”

The symptoms when a person is affected with the Zika virus are: Red eyes, rashes, pain in the joints, headaches and fever. The symptoms are mostly mild in adults but the real problem is brought to the newborn babies who are born with extremely small heads. Considering the fact that there is no cure or even a suppressant medicine made for now, it is advised by the health officials to stay protected from mosquito bites as much as possible, especially women who are even advised to not get pregnant for the time being.