Daniel Holtzclaw, the Oklahoma Police officer, convicted of rape – “picked the wrong lady.”

Daniel was a football star while in college, but his ambition of finding a place in the NFL could not be achieved.  The compromise was to join the Oklahoma City Police. However, post the verdict, he is likely to spend the long years of his life in prison.
This was not the first instance when Daniel sexually assaulted women.  In fact, a series of women have been his victims. But, it was a wrong day and wrong lady that he picked  Sharday Hill. Hill was brave enough and came forward to lodge a complaint after she suffered sexual assault at the hands of Daniel last year.

Ligons, another victim of Daniel said in court that all that she could think of that Daniel was going to shoot her, and she was going to die. She added that Daniel did things to her that in her opinion no police officer would do.

Daniel 29 was seen sobbing uncontrollably on Thursday night after the court handed down the verdict convicting him 18 out of the 36 counts which included sodomy and first-degree rape.

According to prosecution, Daniel targeted 13 women of African-American origin from the poorest regions of Oklahoma City over a 6 months time frame. In some instances, he even specifically went after women with outstanding arrest warrants. All the 13 women testified at the trial. Sharday Hill, one of the victims, said that she was arrested and taken to hospital for detoxing, and Daniel assaulted her sexually at the hospital.

Hill said that she was scared and felt she had to do this. She said Daniel was in control; he is with the police, and he has the badge whereas she was handcuffed to a bed.

Some of the other victims described the manner in which he attempted to silence them with an offer of dropping pending charges. Other victims added that as a colored officer, they did not have the courage to speak out against Daniel – but on that fateful wrong day, Liggons was the wrong lady Daniel chose.

Hill also added that she did not do anything wrong and had no record, she added that she was innocent – it was just that he picked the wrong lady that night.

Attorney Benjamin Crump, representing 5 of the 13 victims said when the police is indulging in a criminal or nefarious act, where can one go. He added, we have a serial rapist with a badge, where can we report him to? Daniel is likely to be sentenced next month, and chances are that he will spend the rest of his life in prison.