Don Lemon shocks viewers with his “nice rack” comment about Kathy Griffin during a live broadcast on New Year’s Eve

Don Lemon, the CNN Anchor, shocked viewers on the New Years Eve, this Thursday when he brazenly commented about Griffin saying she had a ‘nice rack.’

Earlier during the broadcast, Ms.Griffin  co-hosting with Anderson Cooper of New York had taken her top off and walked around the Times Square in her purple bra. Mr. Cooper was also seen pleading awkwardly with Ms. Griffin saying there were children around and whether he would prefer putting her coat back on.

But, Mr. Lemon thought otherwise and said that he had to tell Kathy had a nice rack. He even went on to say that he did not know that Griffin had ‘all of that going on up there’ and said he applauded her for that. Lemon, in company with Brooke Baldwin, was hosting the coverage of New Year’s Eve from New Orleans. While Ms.Griffin just shrugged off the comment, Ms. Baldwin was visibly upset and immediately grabbed the drink from Mr. Lemon and said that she was ‘cutting him off.’

According to New York Daily News, Mr. Lemon had been sipping from several glasses throughout the night.  Later, a group of people coaxed Mr. Lemon into a hot tub.

Viewers also took to their twitter gear joking about Lemon’s antics on a live broadcast. One tweet read “Don Lemon is straight up hammered on CNN right now, and it’s my new favorite show,”

Another tweet said CNN should give a serious thought to allowing Don Lemon to be drunk all the time he was on the air.

As for Mr. Lemon, he appeared to be enjoying the jokes and retweeted many. And, at sunrise on 1st January, there were plenty of tweets with hangover jokes.

Though, it may be a forgotten story when you read this, CNN must be taking a more comprehensive view of what happened and think of bringing in some more decorum into their live broadcast. Although it is publicity for CNN negative publicity is not known to do much good, particularly for the media entities. Only time will tell if Mr. Lemon has done a favor or damage to CNN’s image, on the New Year’s Eve.