Firefighters Sue Siren Manufacturer Over Hearing Loss

Some 4,000 firefighters from New York and New Jersey, together with hundreds around the country which are suing their fire vehicle siren manufacturer. They are accusing that they have been exposed to loss of hearing, because of the design of the trucks. A good number of them have been forced to wear even a hearing aid, reported by PIX11.

“The siren was so noisy inside of the cab that it physically hurt,” stated Joseph Nardone, retired New York City fire battalion chief. He explained that after his shift, his head would start to pound, and also his eyes are going cross-eyed because of the noise. After a few decade’s of retirement, he has lost his hearing and is unable to focus on fast conversation, reported by the AP.

The Federal Siren Corp., the Oak Brook, Ill. Siren producing organization has been charged since it is held responsible regarding the problems. The suers state that the manufacturer has done absolutely nothing to protect them.

You’ll find problems in the design of the sirens, says the firefighters’ legal representative, Marc Bern. “It’s a product that is so loud, it causes noise-induced hearing loss,” Bern said. “It is not something that the fire department or municipalities have a responsibility for.”

It is possible to make them useful, even when are defective. “They could have directed the sound by using what we call a shroud,” he revealed, reported by CBS New York.

Federal Signal, the world’s biggest manufacturer of visual and audible signals, doesn’t agree, saying that changes “would indeed make the sirens less efficient and affect the firefighters and the general public to the higher risk of extreme accidents.”

They’re saying that they will meet with the “85-decibel standard” established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

It is necessary to improve further the design, states 30-year veteran firefighter and New Jersey fire captain Richard Mikutsky. He explains to PIX11: “we must fix this or replace them considering the result—plenty of deaf firefighters,” he stated.