Flight Attendant Help In Calming Baby Goes Viral

Heather Gooch/ABC News

A flight attendant from Southwest Airlines has earned huge praise across social media, after going above and beyond the call of duty to make the flight she was working on much more enjoyable for one baby on board and the rest of the passengers.

The experience was detailed on Facebook by New Yorker Heather Gooch who posted what happened.

Gooch and her husband took Aiden their son of 9 months on a flight last week from Florida. She said that the flight back had been the first time Aiden had ever woken up during a plane flight and it was only the second time ever that he had flown.

Gooch said she had been somewhat nervous when he awoke.

She then said that Aiden start crying during the flight and she felt that things were taking a big turn for the worse as her son continued his crying.

She wrote on Facebook that they were taking off when Aiden started to become fussy, people started to look at the couple and her thoughts were things would get very bad.

The fussiness of Aiden attracted the attention of Anissa Charles one of the flight attendants, who made the decision she would do her best to make the infant and the family as comfortable as possible, so she scooped up Aiden and calmed him down.

Gooch said that the actions taken by Charles made the day for the family and expressed her gratitude on the Facebook page of Southwest Airlines.

Said wrote that Anissa had gone over and above to make sure the trip was a smooth as possible.

The post by Gooch eventually went viral and made its way back to Charles, who commented on the same post by saying that she was touched by the words from the passenger and knows that children can easily become fussy while flying.

Southwest Airlines commented that Charles was a great flight attendant who the airline was very proud of to have on their team.