France Promises Merciless Response to Terror Attacks


Paris awoke from its nightmare Saturday to hear the death toll in France’s worst ever terror attacks had reached 128. The government of France declared a state of emergency as well as deployed over 1,500 troops following the close to simultaneous series of bombs and shootings that helped to bring the city to a complete standstill. Over 200 other people were wounded in the attacks.

French police were hunting on Saturday for possible accomplices of the eight terrorists who attacked a group of concertgoers, soccer fans and café diners in over six locations.

No group has immediately claimed responsibility for the deadly violence, which came not even a full year after the deadly attacks on the offices of Charlie Hebdo the satirical magazine and a kosher market.

One Paris newspaper headline on Saturday read, “The time it is war.” At the same time, another paper read, “War in the middle of Paris.”

Francois Hollande the French President vowed that his country would battle the terrorists, promising a determined France will face the terrorists. During a special meeting of his cabinet, Hollande promised to be merciless with the attackers.

While no one claimed immediate responsibility, supporters of ISIS celebrated as well as praised the attacks across social media. Attacks have been threatened previously by the group, in France and other countries in Europe.

On Saturday all libraries, schools and museums were ordered shuttered by the government as terror investigators search for any clues as to the group behind this bloodshed. Authorities also closed Disneyland Paris.

The Bataclan concert facility was where the worst carnage was seen. As many as 100 people were killed there, when gunman started firing during a concert.

Hundreds were also held hostage by the attackers and explosives were reportedly detonated. The concert hall was then stormed by French police.

Restaurants and cafes located around the concert hall were also sprayed with gunfire.

Officials tightened the borders, shutting them down last night and adding restrictions for entering on Saturday.