Green Group Are Not Happy About Climate Pact

On December 12, 195 countries gathered for the Climate Conference in Paris, which produced an agreement of 32 pages that outlines the goals to phase out the carbon dioxide emissions from industry.

All the countries agreed to hold the global average temperature increase to below the agreed upon 2 degrees Celsius above the level of pre-Industrial times and to pursue the efforts to limit the increase in temperature to just 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Each of the countries submitted a pledge voluntarily for cutting its CO2 emissions. The pledges are not sufficiently strong enough to achieve the target of 2 degrees, but countries that are involved must monitor and report their data on emissions, which then will be reviewed every five years.

However, many green groups have been left disappointed with distant promises that remain in the way for present day pledges that are adequate to achieve the temperature goals of the agreement.

In a prepared statement shortly after the final agreement was released, the co-founder of the group, Bill McKibben said that each government seems to recognize now that it is the time to end the fossil fuel era.

However, the power that the fossil fuel industry holds is reflected in the agreement’s text, which drags the transition out too far says, green groups.

Since the pace is the most important question of this time, activists need to redouble their efforts to weaken the industry said leaders of the groups.

In addition, to a backlash from green groups, the agreement made in Paris was condemned openly just recently by James Hansen a former scientist with NASA who said it was a fraud, yet some are still optimistic the conversion is inevitable to sustainable energy.