Islamic States Claim to Fire Rockets into Israel

A militant group in Egypt affiliated with Islamic State reportedly has claimed responsibility for firing three rockets on Friday into southern Israel. News agencies are reporting that ISIS said that the rockets had been in retaliation for the support Israel gave to the armed forces of Egypt on Wednesday after militants had attacked a number of checkpoints the Egyptian army had set up in northern Sinai.

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A spokesperson for the Israeli military said two rockets had been fired from the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt and exploded in the country but did not cause casualties.

Two rockets that were shot from the Sinai hit southern Israel but did not cause human casualties or any material damage, said a spokesperson for Israel.

Last Wednesday, Islamic militants set off simultaneous attacks at army checkpoints set up by Egypt, killing 64 soldiers. The coordinated attacks, which included more than 70 militants, followed an announcement by the president of Egypt to increase the country’s battle versus Islamic militants and just two days after Egypt’s state prosecutor had been assassinated in the capital.

Following Wednesday’s attack, the U.S. announced that it stood resolutely with Egypt. A spokesperson for the White House said the U.S. extended his condolences to the families of the dead as well as to the Egyptian government and its people.

Northern Sinai over the last two years has witnessed many attacks that have targeted security forces from Egypt. Many of them have been claimed by the Islamic State local affiliate group.

Wednesday’s attacks were only a day after Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi had vowed to increase his two-year crackdown on militant groups.

The Islamic State has called upon its followers to launch huge attacks during Ramadan the Muslim holy month, which is in its third week.

Since el-Sissi took office after leading the Army’s ouster of then President Mohamed Morsi in 2013, the country has cracked down on the Islamist group Muslim Brotherhood of which Morsi was a high-ranking member.