LG includes the 8K set from the first production in the 2016 series

We all know that the price of 4K TV has been falling. Possibly there is a clear indication there that we are now ready to transition to the next level in technology in TVs. At least, that is what LG believes and it is keeping the details under wraps, and all that has been revealed so far is the model number which is UH 9800.

The Korean Tech giant is pretty secretive about what its 98” monster will be offering when it starts shipping, but it could be safe to assume that it would not fit into the impulse buying shoppers. The 8K screen offered by Sharp comes at a cool $130,000, and so LG cannot be far behind or very much ahead of that spot.

For those not keen on taking out a mortgage for an upgrade from the 4K, well there are plenty of 4K TVs that have been upgraded. There are varying screen sizes from 55 to 86 inches, and all of them tout Color Prime Plus, which mixes LCD phosphors and filters to attain 90% expanded color range initiated by Digital Cinema. The UH 7700(49 -65 inches) which is a lower end model along with the other two options also claim to have a “true Black” panel which improves contrast and cuts out glare, in addition to a Contrast Maximiser option – or, at least, what it claims to come with.  For the design conscious customers, the UH 9500 is the pick since it already has 0.22-inch body which is extremely slim and manages to cram into a relatively powerful audio system like the Harman/Kardon.

All new sets offered by LG is also expected to pack the webOS 3.0 which is easier for the user considering their interface. However, what one is expected to pay for the 4 K model is still not known, but don’t be surprised if there is one that fits your budget looking at the rapidly falling rates. But, the big question that begs an answer is how the competitors like Sony and Samsung are going to offer. LG scores for the early announcement, but before long we can expect strong alternatives including among the 8K sets.

The Flat Ultra Slim series of Super UHD TVs – and there are 3 of them offer that feature, but the UH9500 is claimed to be thinnest of all at about 6.6 mm making the borders around the TV close to invisible presenting a “floating in the air” look.

Source: LG Newsroom