Oculus Rift will ship with two free VR adventure games

Oculus Rift will ship out with Lucky’s Tale and EVE: Valkyrie

Early next year when the store shelves fill with the Oculus Rift, the VR headset will also come with two free adventure games. How these games are received by the early bird buyers could have a huge impact for the device itself and the VR industry in general.

On Wednesday, the Oculus unit of Facebook said that “Lucky’s Tale” an original title from Playful Corp. the developer based out of Texas will be offered with Rift.

Earlier, we have heard that the Rift will come with the space dogfighting game – Eve Valkyrie in the box. So, the bright and colorful Lucky’s Tale platformer with added shades of Clank and Ratchet and a cute fox protagonist is a second freebie that comes now with the Rift.

The players will be controlling a ‘fun loving’ fox as it navigates the way through ‘a charming new world with several locales and lush environments’. However, according to an Oculus announcement earlier in the month only pre-orders will qualify for the free copy of “Eve Valkyrie”. However, there has been no word yet on when Oculus will start accepting the pre-orders.

The practice of bundling videogame consoles has been in existence for long as a measure to drive up initial sales. Though the VR sets will come with applications going beyond games, the earliest adopters of this technology are expected to be avid gamers, as they tend to be particularly tech savvy customers.

For the VR industry and Oculus in particular, therefore, a free game bundled with the product could come as a boon. The major advantage from the exercise is that it is expected to strike an instant chord with gamers. The game causing a nausea or poor initial reception, which has been a common problem at the beginning of VR development, could bring the opposite impact, though.

Paul Bettner, the CEO and founder of Playful is also the co-creator of ‘Words with Friends” the hit mobile game. He was also among initial $5,000backers in a crowdfunding campaign for Rift before Oculus was acquired by Facebook

Currently, it is expected that the Rift will start shipping out early next year at an initial cost of $1500 which will include a PC that is powerful enough to go with it, says Oculus. However, for consumers looking for only the headset, no price has been revealed yet.