Oklahoma Prison Fight Kills Four, Injures Four

A disturbance at a prison in Oklahoma killed four inmates and injured another four.  This follows a larger brawl that took place earlier during the summer in which a number of prisoners were badly hurt. A spokesperson for the private company that owns as well as operates the correctional facility located in Cushing, Oklahoma said that the disturbance on Saturday lasted for over 40 minutes and was contained inside just one of the many housing pods in the prison.

Image Credit: David McDaniel / The Oklahoman
Image Credit: David McDaniel / The Oklahoman

Authorities said that no one on the facility’s staff was hurt in the disturbance, which officials said was quelled by correction facility guards at approximately 4:40 p.m.

The inmates that needed medical attention were transportation under heavy guard to local hospitals. It is still not clear what had caused the injuries to the inmates.

Authorities held back the name of the injured and deceased.

The spokesperson from the Correction Corporation of America based in Nashville, Tennessee, the company that operates a number of correctional facilities around the country, said the authorities had place the prison on lockdown and that inmates were confined to their housing area.

This facility is located approximately 50 miles to the southwest of Tulsa, which is in the northeast area of Oklahoma. It houses medium as well as maximum security inmates for the Department of Corrections in Oklahoma

A spokesperson for the Department of Corrections said that the incident took place in a portion of the prison that is medium security.

The facility in near Tulsa is home to over 1,600 inmates, said the spokesperson.

This past June, from 200 to 300 inmates took part in a brawl inside the prison. Eleven prisoners had to be taken to the hospital following the brawl and the facility at that time was put on lockdown as well.

In that fight, three different housing units were involved.