‘Pokken Tournament’ Wii U Controller Set to be Released in the US in March

Hori via Amazon

The excitement of gamers in the US was subdued earlier this month when it seemed like the Pokken Tournament Wii U controller made by Hori was going to be sold only in Japan. Well, time to get excited again because it’s going to be made available to a much wider market when it’s launched in March 2016.

Online retailer Destructoid first noticed that the controller of the fighting game infused with Pokemon was listed on Amazon for $24.99 to be launched on March 18. Unlike traditional Wii U controllers, the “ZR” and “ZL” buttons are placed on the face of this controller and not on the back. It can mimic the arcade version of Pokken Tournament.

The controller is unique and was earlier sold only in Japan as part the “Pokken Tournament” bundles. It is now set to be released separately in the US. It was unclear whether it will make its way to the US when the announcement regarding the release of the controller was first made in Japan. Nobody knew whether US gamers will be able to buy it or not.

The arcade-style controller is now available for preorder but will be released only on March 18, 2016. ‘Pokken Tournament’ will also be released on the same day in Japan. The release of the Hori Pokken Tournament Pro Pad Limited Edition Controller in the US is an indication that the game will soon be released in the West. According to a previous statement of Bandai Namco, the game might be released in Europe and North America in future.

The controller is inspired by the arcade machine controllers used to play “Pokken Tournament” in Japan. It comes with an ergonomic design without any analog sticks. The game can be played in arcades in Japan since July. The controller works only with “Pokken Tournament” and can be connected to the Wii U with a USB wire attached to it.

The complete “Pokken Tournament” bundle is priced at 36,800 yen (about $300) in Japan whereas the controller can be purchased separately for 3,480 yen (roughly $29). The “Pokken Tournament” bundle includes a digital download of the game, a 32 GB Black Wii U Premium Set, a special Battle Pokemon Action List pamphlet, which lists all Pokemon moves and a Shadow Mewtwo amiibo card. Strangely, Hori is learnt to be selling only the controller as a single item on Amazon. It’s not clear when the “Pokken Tournament” bundle will also be made available in Western countries.