Residents Prohibited From Burning Wood in the Bay Area

Since the air quality at the bay area is predicted to be of an unhealthy quality as a result of the light winds, the Bay Area Quality Management District has introduced the very first Spare the Air day on Saturday, which, as the name suggests, is aimed towards minimization of the pollution done to the air for maintaining a breathable and healthy atmosphere. During Spare the Air day, none of the residents in the bay area must burn wood, fuel, or any other manufactured fire logs whether outdoors or indoors for just a span of 24 hours.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that this initiative is also aimed towards reducing the amount of global warming even if by a non-appreciable percentage. Amidst all of the industries, factories, automobiles and urbanization which emits thousands of tonnes of carbon each year, there is a small area which doesn’t do any such thing for 24 hours, and that is what makes their effort noteworthy.

According to Jack Broadbent, the executive officer of the air district: “Just one burning fireplace can create unhealthy air for an entire neighborhood. It is important that the public refrain from burning, especially during these weather conditions that allow wood smoke to build up”.

But this just doesn’t imply to the residents. Each and every person, whether doing it for personal, or business purposes, will have to stop, which could be the cause of a significant change since businesses are the major consumers of burning fuel and energy. Violation will result in a ticket of $100 for the first time, and the second violation will cost the violator $500. The prices increase subsequently as more and more violations are done.

This also doesn’t mean that those who solely rely on a fireplace or a wood stove for heating will have to spend the day shivering in cold. An exception has been made for those who do not have a thermostat at their home and hence they cannot be charged for violation. Though this will definitely cause some protests from both businesses and individuals, but the fact that this decision is being done for the greater good, it has received the support of the government too since air quality is more important than earning a few dollars or getting the comfort of burning fire at the fireplace in home.