Reusable Rockets Will Massively Change the Space Industry, Suggests SpaceX

As all of us are aware, SpaceX and BlueOrigin are the only two industries who have actually managed to bring back the rockets that were launched in space, proving to other space organizations that it is possible to retrieve equipment worth millions of dollars even after launching it into space, thereby reducing the cost required to extraterrestrial operations upto a 100x less or maybe even lesser than that.

 Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, believes that the spacecraft bought back to earth can be used again to launch it back into space, thereby eliminating the cost of construction of a new spacecraft which would be too expensive. Even when considering the factors such as repairs and renovations to the retrieved jet would cost some money, it is still extremely less compared to building a new spacecraft from scratch.

 Even though these private companies do have the limitations set off by the government such as formalities and other needs such as landing the Falcon 9 spacecraft on Cape Canaveral pad which was previously being used to launch the Atlas Air Force Rockets. But this absolutely doesn’t mean that the government doesn’t appreciate the effort made to move the industry forward even with the introduction of the concept of ‘space race’ set by the USSR since the Russian Leaders are now willing to adopt this technology and use it in their future missions.

But this decision by Russia was presumably not made to increase the efficiency and save a lot of economy, but to keep up with the competition as SpaceX has already secured some very good contracts from NASA and have also achieved some amazing feats such as this one and an earlier one where they vertically landed an enormous rocket after launching it into space.

This, combined with the fact that SpaceX will also be sending some astronauts to the ISS (International Space Station) in 2017 was (maybe) the reason that USSR had to use this technology. But that’s not it. Even though the Falcon 9 did come back successfully without sustaining any damage during space travel, Musk explains that this spacecraft will not be used again and would instead be presented on a museum to show off the incredible achievement that SpaceX had won. And who could blame Musk? After all, they didn’t waste millions of dollars by self-destructing the unit in space or using up all the precious jet fuel as other organizations currently do.