SpaceX’s Falcon9 Returns and Sets a New Milestone

When it comes to the matter of sending spacecraft into deep space and bringing it back, everyone is aware that doing something extraordinary such as pushing an aircraft to the edge of space and then actually managing to bring it back to earth is no piece of cake, which can easily be seen by the fact that the company had made multiple attempts to achieve this milestone but had failed. But as they say, “Try and try until you succeed”, SpaceX didn’t give up, and not very long ago they got it right.

That’s right, the Falcon 9 rocket by SpaceX successfully reached the edge of space, went into the second stage in which the payload of commercial satellites were released in the orbit, and returned to earth safe and sound at Cape Canaveral.

But one might ask: “What makes this any different from the Blue Origin rocket which has also been into space and came back?”. The Blue Origin: which, by the way, belonged to the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos, was made to carry people to space and not cargo, which makes it marginally slower than the Falcon 9 which was an orbital rocket.

All in all, this news is confirmation of one of the greatest achievements by SpaceX, if not the greatest achievement ever.

This essentially means that if SpaceX continues to make improvements on this model to reduce the margin of error by a very low percentage, we could be looking at a much more economical and common space travel. Considering that the budget for NASA at the moment for launching one rocket into space is 1.5 billion dollars, we can see a noticeable change should SpaceX continue to work on this project, which they probably will.

And it just doesn’t end at that, even after the rocket is launched into space, it can only be used once even if the mission goes successfully. It must self-destruct by burning all of its fuel and then floating infinitely in space or crashing into earth.

Considering the goodwill of Elon Musk and SpaceX towards the improvement of the industry, one can be sure that this technology will soon be implemented by NASA without the need for any legal formalities. Amidst all of this, it shouldn’t be forgotten that SpaceX’s ultimate goal is for creating an environment in Mars on which humans can settle and also allowing to-and-fro journeys between Earth and Mars. No doubt that we are a long way away from it, but that doesn’t stop them from bringing the future today.