Terror Probe in Boston Widens Following Arrest of Suspect

A man from Massachusetts was in custody late Tuesday in connection with a shooting of another man who police said was radicalized by the Islamic State’s online propaganda. David Wright was taken by police from a home in Everett late Tuesday linking the arrest of Wright to the Usaama Rahim terror investigation.Police

Only a short distance away, police officials say Rahim pulled a knife out and waved it at officers. Moments later police fatally shot and killed the man. He had been under 24-hour surveillance when he was killed.

William Evans the Boston Police Commissioner said authorities considered Rahim to be a threat. Evan says the shooting was taped by nearby surveillance cameras and it shows police guns were not drawn first.

He added that they continued to retreat, verbally giving the man commands to drop his weapon. At some point, the man came too close and the officers felt their life was in danger.

Sources in federal law enforcement said that Rahim was being watched by a terrorism task force for a number of months, but recently he was tracked 24 hours a day.

Officials say Rahim and Wright had been communicating with one another about carrying out attacks inside the U.S., which was the reason Wright was detained.

Authorities are continuing to search for others that both Wright and Rahim had been communicating with, said police sources. Wright is scheduled to make his first appearance in federal court on Wednesday in Boston.

Following the failed attack in Texas, the FBI has increased its investigations and surveillance while closing cases they have perceived to be of low priority threats.

Recent intelligence has warned about violent extremists who are homegrown influenced by online propaganda of the Islamic State, which has urged attacks against law enforcement as well as the military.

A source in law enforcement at the federal level said investigators believed that Rahim wanted to carry out violence targeted at police. Imam, his brother, tweeted from an Oakland, California mosque prior to Rahim’s death said he had been on the phone with his father and his final words were, “I cannot breathe.”