The New Year Gifts By Celebs

LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 13: Taylor Swift is seen at LAX on November 13, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by GVK/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

All of us know that 2015 has been a wild ride with its own share of ups and downs, and that 2016 will be no different. But what are our favorite celebrities doing in the meantime. For starters, Kanye West, who doesn’t need any introduction, has been giving hints regarding his latest music track named ‘facts’ that mentions about Yeezies (or Yeezys).

Needless to say that Kanye did not leave the opportunity to diss and insult someone, the song frequently throws insults Nike shoes, mentioning that they treat their employees like slaves, insults Steve Harvey for the mistake he made when selecting Miss Universe, and Bill Cosby for the legal issues and the charges he is being faced with. Kim Kadarshian, who is also just as famous as her hubby Kanye (we still don’t know why), promoted the Yeezies, uploading pictures of Instagram where she shows Taylor Swift wearing a pair of Kanye’s exclusive shoes and tags it ‘The Shoe of the Year’ for 2015. Her next upload showed Kanye and the President Obama, both holding boxes of a pair of Yeezies.

But that’s enough about Kanye West and his attempt to hog all the glory, let’s speak about Taylor Swift for a moment. The star-singer had actually decided to have her New Year’s party in Las Vegas in contrast to New York where most of the musicians and celebrities decided to go due to for the annual New Year’s countdown. Hanging out with Ruby Rose the OMNIA nightclub, Swift was also accompanied by her boyfriend Calvin Harris who performed on a DJ set.

Though Swift decided to not update her Instagram account for the day, her friend Ruby Rose decided to give something for Swift’s large fan following, where she uploads a picture of herself and Swift partying, and states the following:   “[Taylor Swift] is a gateway drug…I don’t know what to. But whatever it is… She is the gateway drug.”.

But the two ladies weren’t the only one partying together that night as they also had the company of Swift’s younger brother Austin and the sisters of HAIM. But that doesn’t mean that Taylor Swift didn’t have anything special for her fans in 2015. She did give them her newest music single named ‘In the Woods’ which is her sixth single to be released from her extremely popular and known default pop album, 1989.