You may find the next iPhone without the customary headphone jack

charnsitr /

In the race to make smartphones thinner and thinner, the California-based Apple reportedly is likely to bid adieu to the headphone jack in its upcoming version. If rumors are to be believed, the iPhone, the next edition of smartphone from Apple could well ditch the headphone port and opt for the Lightning port instead for audio output.

This move, when introduced, is expected to enable the iPhone 7 to be thinner by at least 1mm compared to the present versions of iPhone6s and allow Apple the advantage of various features such as app launching and DACs based on headphone that Lightning brings. However, a dual use of the port would also mean having an additional adapter for the wired headphones or in the alternate using Bluetooth aided version.

Presently, the subject of headphone jack for the upcoming iPhone 7 lies only in the realm of speculation, and the rumor mill is likely to get busier with many more details before the phone is finally released in 2016. Meantime, the audio output from a Lightning port appears to be an expansion of the present concept of providing USB sound to influence the size of the device.

Since rumor mills have a poor track record, readers may want to take this news with a grain of salt. 10 more months are left before the scheduled launch of the iPhone 7 and things could rapidly change as we approach the September launch date next year.  Lightning based headphones are made by just a handful of companies, and there is little guarantee that others will follow suit.

However, there are many precedents for similar moves. Some Chinese vendors are already making ultra-thin smartphones that have replaced the headphone jack with USB sound. Apple possibly is expanding on this concept by giving customers features that a simple USB audio passthrough cannot offer.